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Magnesium – vital element. It plays an important role in the nervous system involved in the regulation of nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction in equipoise definition equipoise definition the majority of metabolic reactions, and promotes the production of energy consumption plays an important physiological role in maintaining the ionic balance.

Magnesium deficiency is manifested in the form of neuromuscular disorders (muscle weakness, tremors, spasms, cramps), mental disorders (insomnia, irritability, anxiety state), cardiac rhythm (arrythmia, tachycardia) and the activity of the gastrointestinal tract (pain, diarrhea, cramps, flatulence).

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in metabolism, helps to maintain the structure and function of bones, teeth, gums; It affects erythropoiesis promotes normal functioning of the nervous system and the effect of magnesium supplements.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid are involved in many enzymatic reactions.


Magnesium deficiency and related conditions.


– Severe renal impairment (creatinine clearance less than 30 mL / min).

– Hypersensitivity to the drug.

– Children under the age of 6 years.

Precautions: with moderate renal insufficiency, because of the risk of gipermagniemii.

During pregnancy and lactation:

The drug can be used during pregnancy only on prescription.

Magnesium enters the breast milk, equipoise definition equipoise definition so you should avoid the use of the drug during breastfeeding.


Adults: 1-2 tablets.

Children 6 to 12 years – 1/2 tablet.

Take in the morning, after dissolving in a glass of water.


Allergic reactions, dyspeptic disorders (diarrhea, abdominal pain). When used in high doses may develop gipermagniemii.


Symptoms of overdose: drop in blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, diminished reflexes, respiratory depression, coma, cardiac arrest and heart failure, anuria.

Treatment: rehydration, forced diuresis. In renal failure required hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.


Calcium phosphates and equipoise definition equipoise definition magnesium salts reduce absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. magnesium drugs reduce the absorption of tetracycline, recommended interval of 3 hours before using Magnesium Plus. Vitamin B6 inhibits the activity of levodopa.


In the case of concomitant calcium deficiency, magnesium deficiency should be corrected prior to administration of calcium supplementation.

With frequent use of laxatives, alcohol, increased physical and mental stress need for magnesium increases.


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Magnesium is a macronutrient required for many energy processes involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Magnesium is involved in the process of neuromuscular excitation, inhibiting equipoise for sale neuromuscular transmission. Of particular interest is magnesium as a natural physiological calcium antagonist. Magnesium controls the normal functioning of the myocardial cells; involved in the regulation of myocardial contractility. In stressful situations, displayed an increased amount of free ionized magnesium, and therefore, an additional amount of magnesium enhances resistance to stress.
Magnesium deficiency leads to neuromuscular disorders (motor and sensory hyperexcitability, convulsions, paresthesia), psychological changes (depression, confusion and hallucinations), cardio – vascular disease (ventricular arrhythmia, tachycardia, increased sensitivity to cardiac glycosides). Magnesium deficiency during pregnancy increases the chance of toxemia and premature birth. Orotic acid salts are involved in metabolism. Orotic acid addition salts of magnesium needed to fix on the ATP in the cell and displays its action.

Absorbed about 35 – 40% of the dose. Hypomagnesemia stimulates the absorption of magnesium ions. The presence of salts of orotic acid, contribute to improving the absorption of magnesium. Magnesium is excreted by the kidneys, excretion is reduced by magnesium deficiency and increased by his excess.


In the complex treatment and as prevention of myocardial infarction, treatment of angina pectoris, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias caused by magnesium deficiency, spastic states – pain and muscle spasms (including vasoconstriction), atherosclerosis, arteries, lipid metabolism disorders.


Hypersensitivity to the drug, urolithiasis, renal dysfunction, susceptibility to the formation of calcium-magnesium-ammonium-phosphate stones, liver cirrhosis with ascites.
The drug contains lactose, therefore it should not be used in patients with lactose intolerance, lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption.
Children under 18 years old.

Pregnancy and lactation

Perhaps the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding) on the testimony, as these periods need for magnesium increases significantly. If its content is not balanced, it can lead to serious complications, including miscarriage. Use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is possible if the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus and child.

Dosing and Administration

The tablets should be taken orally before meals with a little liquid. Assign 2 tablets 3 times a day for 7 days, then – 1 tablet 2-3 times daily. Course duration of at least 4-6 weeks. If necessary Magnerot ® , can be used for a long time.
At night leg cramps it is recommended to take 2-3 tablets evenings.

Side effect

From the gastrointestinal equipoise for sale tract: an unstable chair, and diarrhea, which usually pass on their own at lower doses of the drug; allergic reactions.

  • If any of these instructions side effects are compounded, or if you notice any other side effects not mentioned in the instructions, inform your doctor.


    In normal kidney function magnesium intake does not cause toxic reactions.Magnesium poisoning may develop in patients with renal insufficiency.Toxic effects are largely dependent on the concentration of magnesium in the blood serum.Symptoms: decrease in blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, depression, diminished reflexes, respiratory depression, coma, cardiac arrest, anurichesky syndrome.Treatment: rehydration, forced diuresis.In renal failure required hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

    Interaction with other drugs when taken concomitantly with drugs magnesium iron preparations, sodium fluoride and tetracyclines may decrease the absorption of the latter. Therefore, you should take drugs with 2-3 hours interval. Oral contraceptives, diuretics, muscle relaxants, glucocorticoids, insulin, reduce the effect of the drug.

    special instructions

    Effects on ability to drive vehicles and operate machinery:
    The product does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and other activities that require high concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions. Magnerot ® can be used for a long time.
    It will be appreciated that by magnesium deficiency in the body may cause gastrointestinal disease; food consumption with a reduced content of magnesium; exercise (due to sweating); alcoholism (due to a decrease in bone resorption magnesium renal equipoise for sale tubules and strengthen the removal of magnesium ions from the body); taking certain drugs (cardiac glycosides, aminogliklozidnye antibiotics, oral contraceptives, diuretics, laxatives, corticosteroids); conditions requiring high magnesium intake (lack of exercise, stress, pregnancy and lactation); prolonged exposure to the sun.

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Replenishes deficiency of magnesium.
Magnesium is a vital element that is found in all tissues of the body and is essential for normal functioning of cells. Most reactions involved in metabolism, regulation of nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction has spasmolytic, antiarrhythmic and antiplatelet effect.
Organism receives magnesium with food. Lack equipoise vs deca of magnesium in the body can be observed in violation of the diet (diet) or by increasing the demand for magnesium (for increased physical and mental load, stress, pregnancy, use of diuretics).
Pyridoxine (vitamin B 6 ) is involved in many metabolic processes in the regulation of metabolism nervous system. Vitamin B 6 enhances the absorption of magnesium from the gastrointestinal tract and its penetration into the cells.
The magnesium content in serum:

  • from 12 to 17 mg / l (0.5-0.7 mmol / l) speaks of moderate magnesium deficiency.
  • below 12 mg / l (0.5 mmol / l) speaks about the heavy magnesium deficiency.Pharmacokinetics
    magnesium absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is 50% of the oral dose received. Write mainly by the kidneys. In the kidney after glomerular filtration 70% of the magnesium present in the plasma, it is reabsorbed by the renal tubules in the ratio 95% – 97%.


    Established magnesium deficiency, isolated or associated with other deficient states.


    Hypersensitivity to the drug, pronounced renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance less than 30 ml / min), phenylketonuria. Children age – up to 6 years. Precautions: with moderate renal impairment, as there is a risk of gipermagniemii.

    Pregnancy and breast-feeding

    Pregnancy: Clinical experience has not revealed foetotoxic or causes fetal malformations action. Equipoise vs deca can be used during pregnancy only on the testimony of a doctor. Lactation: Magnesium passes into breast milk. Should be avoided during lactation and breastfeeding.

    Dosing and Administration

    Before taking this medication, you should consult with your doctor. Adults are recommended to take 6-8 tablets a day. Children older than 6 years (weighing more than 20 kg) 4-6 tablets per day. The daily dose should be divided into 2-3 doses, taken with meals, washed down with a glass of water.
    Treatment should be discontinued after the normalization of blood magnesium concentration.

    Side effect

    From the digestive tract: abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, flatulence. Allergic reactions: possible allergic reaction to the components of the preparation.


    In normal renal function receiving an oral magnesium does not cause toxic reactions. Magnesium poisoning may develop in patients with renal insufficiency. Toxic effects are largely dependent on the magnesium content in the blood serum. Overdose symptoms: drop in blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, slowing of reflexes, anuria, respiratory depression, coma, heart failure. Treatment: rehydration, forced diuresis. In renal failure required hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

    Interaction with other drugs

  • The simultaneous use of preparations containing phosphate or calcium salts, can significantly reduce the magnesium absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • magnesium drugs reduce the absorption of tetracycline, it is recommended to share their equipoise vs deca drug three-hour intervals.
  • Magnesium reduces the effect of oral thrombolytic agents, reduces the absorption of iron.
  • Vitamin B 6 inhibits the activity of levodopa.

    special instructions

    Information for diabetics: tablets contain sucrose as an excipient.
    In the case of concomitant calcium deficiency, magnesium deficiency should be corrected before you start taking calcium supplements.
    For prolonged use of laxatives, alcohol, intense physical and mental stress need for magnesium increases, may lead to deficiency in magnesium.

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Vinorelbine (vinca alkaloid produced by semi-synthetic) -. Vinca alkaloids antitumor agent of the group violate tubulin polymerization during cell mitosis. Blocks mitosis in phase G2 + M and causes destruction of cells in interphase or at the following mitosis. It acts primarily on mitotic microtubules; with high doses may affect the axonal microtubules. The define equipoise effect of helix tubulin caused by vinorelbine, is less pronounced than that of vincristine.

Pharmacokinetics . After intravenous administration of the drug can be traced three-phase kinetics. The average half-life in the terminal phase is 40 (27,7-43,6) hours. The connection to plasma proteins is 79,6-91,2%. Intensively binds to platelets, lymphocytes, alpha1-acid glycoprotein, lipoproteins and albumin. It penetrates into the fabric and retained therein for a long time. Large amounts determined in spleen, liver, kidney, lung, and thymus, moderate – and heart muscles, the minimum -. In adipose tissue, brain and bone marrow concentration in the lungs of 300 times the concentration in plasma. It forms a number of metabolites; One of the metabolites – diatsetilvinorelbin retains antitumor activity. It is metabolized define equipoise in the liver. Write mainly in the bile.


non-small cell lung cancer;

  • mammary cancer.Contraindications
  • hypersensitivity to vinca alkaloids;
  • expressed human liver;
  • initial neutrophil count <1000 cells / microliter of blood
  • Radiotherapy hepatobiliary define equipoise area
  • pregnancy and lactation;With care – respiratory failure, inhibition of bone marrow hematopoiesis (including after previous chemotherapy or radiation therapy), constipation or intestinal obstruction phenomena in history, a history of neuropathy.Dosage and administration Vinorelbine is used both as a monotherapy and in combination with other anticancer drugs. When choosing the dose and mode of administration in each individual case should be referred to the specialized literature. Vinorelbine is administered intravenously as a strictly 15-20 minute infusion. In monotherapy the usual dose is 25-30 mg / m² body surface area once a week.The drug was diluted in 0.9% sodium chloride or 5% dextrose solution to a concentration of 1.5-3.0 mg / ml.After administration the vein should be flushed by introducing an additional 50-100 mL of 0.9% sodium chloride solution.

    Granulocytopenia, anemia, and rarely – thrombocytopenia smallest number of granulocytes occurs 7-10 days after initiation of therapy, recovery occurs in the next 7-14 days. From the nervous system: the reduction or loss of deep tendon reflexes, paresthesia , hypersthesia, weakness in the legs, pain in the jaw, headache, paresis bowel, rarely paralytic ileus. On the part of the digestive system: nausea, vomiting, anorexia, constipation, diarrhea, dysphagia, mucositis, pancreatitis, increased bilirubin levels and increased activity “liver” transaminases. On the part of the respiratory system: difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, bronchospasm, interstitial pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome. Since the cardiovascular system: chest pain, increased or decreased blood pressure, tachycardia, rarely – myocardial infarction , pulmonary edema Local reactions: pain or redness at the injection site; when extravasation – cellulitis, phlebitis, and possibly necrosis of surrounding tissues. Other: fatigue, alopecia, myalgia, arthralgia, skin rashes, allergic reactions, hot flashes to the face, increased creatinine, hyponatraemia, hemorrhagic cystitis and the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone.

    Overdose A specific antidote is not known. In the case of an overdose the patient should be hospitalized and carefully monitor the function of vital organs. The main expected manifestations of overdose include bone marrow suppression and peripheral neuropathy. Treatment is symptomatic.

    Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction When combined with mitomycin C may develop acute respiratory failure. When used in conjunction with paclitaxel increases the risk of neurotoxicity. When used in conjunction with cisplatin is enhanced granulocytopenia. Application to the background radiation therapy leads to radiosensitization. The drug should be used with caution with inhibitors of cytochrome P450-FOR.

    Specific guidance Treatment of vinorelbine should be carried out under the supervision of a physician who has experience with anticancer drugs. Treatment vinorelbine carried out under strict hematological control, determining the number of white blood cells, granulocytes, and hemoglobin level prior to each regular injection. If abnormal liver function the dose of vinorelbine should be reduced If the kidney function the need to strengthen monitoring of the patient. If signs of neurotoxicity of drug treatment should be discontinued. in case of shortness of breath, cough, or hypoxia of unknown etiology should examine the patient to rule out pulmonary toxicity. If extravasation of drug infusion should be discontinued immediately, the remaining dose administered define equipoise in another vein. During and for at least three months after cessation of therapy is necessary to use reliable methods of contraception. in case of contact with eyes vinorelbine should be abundantly and thoroughly with water.

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Maalox is a well balanced buy equipoise combination of magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide, which ensures its high neutralizing
Maalox does not cause constipation. It is used as an absorbent, enveloping and antacid at elevated tion six sour gastric juice. Maalox soothes the pain in the upper part of the digestive tract for a few hours.

Acute and chronic gastritis, acute gastroduodenitis, chronic gastroduodenitis with normal or elevated secretion in the acute phase. hiatal hernia, reflux esophagitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, heartburn after errors in diet, medication and the abuse of alcohol, coffee, nicotine.

Hypersensitivity to the drug, chronic renal failure, pregnancy, Alzheimer’s disease, hypophosphatemia, Precautions should use the drug in children under 12 years of age, and women and during lactation,

Dosing and dose
Maalox normally take 1-1.5 h. After meals or at occurrence of pain, in suspension Maalox take 15 ml (1 packet). Before buy equipoise use, the suspension is homogenized, carefully stretching the package between his fingers. The contents of the package squeeze in a spoon or in the mouth.
Children dosage determined by the attending physician. If necessary, an additional dose taken two hours after the last administration, but no more than six times per day.

Side effects are
expected when the prescribed dosage side effects of the drug slightly. Sometimes there are: nausea, vomiting, change in taste, constipation. Chronic administration of high doses hypophosphatemia, hypocalcemia, hypercalciuria, osteomalacia, oeteoporoz, gipermagniemiya, giperalyuminiemiya, encephalopathy, nephrocalcinosis, renal dysfunction. In patients with concomitant renal failure may experience thirst, lower blood pressure, hyporeflexia.

Interaction with other drugs
in the case of simultaneous ingestion of Maalox may reduce the absorption of various drugs. Therefore, as a precaution, it is recommended to take other drugs or 2 hours before the reception Maaloksa5 or 2 hours after. In all cases, the simultaneous reception of Maalox with other preparations necessary to inform the buy equipoise doctor.

must be strict control of the state with renal insufficiency, as well. in the case of the first symptoms of the above side effects, use of the drug should be stopped immediately. This category is contraindicated in patients high doses of the drug. steroiden kaufen

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